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Regarding Protection of Personal Information
One Plus One Transport Co., Ltd (hereinafter "this Company") has established a privacy policy as follows and constructed a system of protecting Personal Information, and implements the protection of Personal Information by making all of our employees thoroughly aware of the need to protect Personal Information and our efforts to do so.

"Safe Management of Personal Information
This Company will implement systematic, physical, personal, and technically appropriate measures regarding the safeguarding of Personal Information and take necessary and appropriate measures toward the secure management of the personal information it handles to avoid the leakage, loss, or damage thereof. "
"Matters of Compliance Regarding the Acquisition of Personal Information
This Company will comply with the following with regard to the acquisition, use and provision of Personal Information by this Company.
(1) Acquisition of Personal Information
This Company may acquire Personal Information from the general users of this site (hereinafter ""users"") or the publishers of advertisements on this site (""hereinafter ""publishers"") relating to said users or publishers within the scope of operating the information provision site (hereinafter ""this Site"") which this Company administrates via the internet.
(2) Purposes of Use of Personal Information
This Company will not use acquired Personal Information for purposes beyond the scope of achieving the purposes of use stipulated below except when stipulated by law or with the advance consent of the individual in question.
1) The operation, maintenance, and administration of this Site
2) Provision or referral of services through this Site
3) Questionnaires for improving the quality of this Site
(3) Provision of Personal Information, etc.
This Company will not provide Personal Information acquired with the consent of the person in question to third parties without their advance consent except where stipulated by law. Furthermore, when disclosing, revising, amending, or deleting Personal Information as requested by the person in question or publishing the purposes of use thereof, this Company will abide by laws and regulations and will respond to feedback and consultations appropriately. "
"Changes to the Purposes of Use of Personal Information
The purposes of use defined in the preceding clause will in general not be changed except with the advance consent of the person in question. However, this shall not apply when changes are made within a scope reasonably deemed substantially relevant to the purposes of use before the change, and this Company will make such changes after announcing the changed purposes of use. "
"Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
In cases where this Company outsources some or all of its handling of the Personal Information to third parties, it will provide necessary and suitable supervision to ensure safe management of Personal Information by the outsourced company. "
"Improvements to and Revisions of the Handling of Personal Information
This company will implement inspections of its handling of Personal Information and administration and efforts relating thereto, and make continuous improvements and revisions. "
"Discarding of Personal Information
When this Company no longer has need of the Personal Information in light of the purposes of use, it will delete or discard said Personal Information via necessary and suitable methods to prevent the risk of external leakage of the Personal Information, etc., and to the extent necessary to execute its business. "
"Point of Contact for Complaints or Consultations
This company has established a point of contact and representative regarding the handling of Personal Information as follows.
For inquiries relating to Personal Information please contact our headquarters [TEL +81-(0)565-51-1722]. "